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Wearable art, Personal Styling, and custom work 

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Welcome to the site!  The Facekini collection is a series of  bedazzled ski masks and handmade garments by Janet Azizeh. Ideal for skiing, robbing banks, posing in front of mayhem and disguising your double chin. This collection uses bold color on rave-bound styles to create characters who serve punk whimsy. 


All products are either handmade or upcycled using locally sourced materials. This collection also offers one of a kind, non-replicable pieces so you can have fun knowing nobody else got what you got. Brought to you with care and originality ;) Enjoy the page and thank you for reading! 



Andromeda is a special collection that invites you into the deepest parts of your thoughts. No not that one, the other one, yes that one. Take art everywhere you go, designed and painted by Sheimmy Uztariz. They say what you wear will intel how you feel , here’s a chance to spark creativity, imagination, and curiosity.  Share it with your friends, your family, that aunt who travels a lot, yeah we like her, share it with the world. Be cool.

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